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Master's Message
April, 2003


    The first three months have flown by and the beauty of spring is finally here! As with most of us we all need to do our spring cleaning and the lodge is no exception. I would like to call upon our brethren to help us take one Saturday or Sunday out of our busy schedule to help clean up our lodge so that we can show off our great building. I would like to see our building get a real spring cleaning so that we could have some open houses and our planned country dinners. It is our building and I donít think any of us would like to show it off to someone if the windows or the rest of the building were not clean . I will be asking my officers to call all of you with a date that we will set to do this spring cleaning. I am sure that we can count on great support from all of you.

    I will mention, again, that on June 7 there is a MM degree being done by the Indians from Oklahoma at the Scottish Rite in Louisville. We have already sold about 25 tickets to this great event. If you would like more information, please call myself at 859-331-7240.

    Our Roof repairs are now complete and we will be starting the other repairs to the inside. They include repair of the ceiling and then painting the lodge hall along with the stair wells. We are going to do this on our own and again I really need the support of our brethren to get this completed by fall.

    Please come and visit us this month of April and remember why all of us joined this great institution.

    Donít forget our monthly breakfast on April 6th.


Fraternally Thine,

Keith Dreier

Master, 2003




    Updated: 05/11/2003

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