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Newport Commandery, No. 13
Knights Templar,
Stationed at Newport, Kentucky
Everett Harrison, Commander -- 635-9402

Stan Simonton  635-1314

     Sir Knights,          


     Our next regular stated meeting will be on April 21st at 7:30 P.M., proceeded by dinner at 6:00 PM and practice at 6:30 P.M.

     April the 5th will be the conferral of the Order of Malta with a 9:00 AM Breakfast and Orders at 10:00 AM with Sir Knight Bob Peelman.

     April 19th will be our Inspection with the Order of the Temple by Everett Harrison and Greg Powell along with the remainder of the cast. Because of conflicting dates, we will schedule practices as we go along. Last practice and setting up of the Temple for the Order will be April 17th at 7 PM at the Newport Temple. It is very important to know your part and practice so we also can get the floor work done properly. We will be graded on this work.


Fraternally thine,

Everett Harrison,


Captain General
David Hoydal  356-8548
Sr. Warden
Robert Peelman  491-9882
Jr. Warden
Mike McDaniel  630-7394
Bill Lorenz, P.C.  441-2008
Assistant Prelate
Hermann Dean, P.C. 781-0455
Billy Scolf, P.C.  431-5883
Assistant Treasurer
Leroy Smith, P.C. 491-2798 
Donald Webster, P.C.  472-2204
Assistant Recorder
 Hermann Dean, P.C. 781-0455
Standard Bearer
Tom Wheeler 635-4056
Sword Bearer
Leonard Liggett  356-5439
Bobby Crittendon 441-5346
Captain of the Guard, Instructor
Nolan Rose, P.C. 431-1347
 Leroy Smith, P.C. 491-2798
Jim Kendrick 733-1376
Hermann Dean, P.C. 781-0455

Nolan Rose, P.C. (Sep. Guard)431-1347


Doug Bickel, P.C.  441-9475
Inspecting Officer

Every Christian Mason Should Be A Knight Templar



Last Updated: 05/11/2003

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