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Jeffries Council
No. 33, R. & S. M.
Robert C. Peelman, I. M.
Stated Meetings: First Monday of Each Month at 7:30 PM

    The Officers of Jeffries Council for 2003-2004 are: Robert Peelman, I.M., Mike McDaniel, D.M., Tom Wheeler, P.C.W., Leroy Smith, TREAS., Ron Parker, RECORDER, Nick Griffin, CAPT. GRD., Ryan Engle, C.C., Jim Grubbs, STEW., and Billy Scolf, SENT.

    Join us on Monday, Aug. 4th for our next meeting at 7:30.

    Fraternally thine,

    Robert C. Peelman, IM




Last Updated: 10/23/2003

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