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Dora Chapter No. 2, O.E.S.
Anna Lorenz, Worthy Matron
Meeting on the 2nd Friday of each month at 8:00 PM


    How exciting it was for me to preside over the District 3 School as Worthy Matron with all the Grand Officers filling the stations. The school was well attended and was very much a learning experience for all in attendance. Dora Chapter had nineteen present and under direction of Gladys Chandler, prepared the banquet. Well done, Dora Chapter!

    Our November meeting was well attended. It is good to see so many on the sidelines. Helen and Billy Scolf were recognized for their outstanding service to Dora Chapter over the years. We elected Karen and Herman Dean to membership. They will be initiated in January. Thanks to all who brought can goods for the needy. They are in the process of being distributed before Thanksgiving. We will do this again for Christmas.

    Also well attended was our 109th Birthday Dinner for Dora Chapter. Approximately seventy were in attendance including Debbie Dreier WGM, Ed Vardiman DGP, and Keith Dreier, Master of Henry Barnes Lodge. The food and fellowship were outstanding and Dora's 'history display' was well received. Through the efforts of Sheri and Amie Buschle, door prizes for adults and children were awarded.

    Good News! Sister Natasha Webster just had a baby girl. Marlene and Don Webster are expecting another great grandchild. Sister Amber Buchanan (our Martha) is expecting her first child. Also expecting new grandchildren are Sister Joyce Corwin and Della and Leroy Smith. Congratulations to all. Please remember our sick and shut-ins with a kindness and a prayer during the holidays. Believe me. Prayer works.

    Socking Stuffers! Need a $6.00 gift or stocking stuffer? Dora Chapter is selling car - wash cards, which entitles you to one free ($7.95 value) car wash and price car washes there after. Total card value is over $50.00! See any officer or pick your card up at the December 12 meeting or call me at 441-2008. ------Thank You, Annie


Last Updated: 04/13/2004

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