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Dora Chapter No. 2, O.E.S.
Anna Lorenz, Worthy Matron
Meeting on the 2nd Friday of each month at 8:00 PM

    We had a nice crowd to welcome new members Karen and Herman Dean into our chapter. We also welcomed Deputy Grand Matron, Francis Simpson and Deputy Grand Patron Edwin L. Vardiman as honorary members. Our Ambassador of Goodwill, Sister Gerry Mace and guest, Sister Verna Vardiman were also in attendance. Special thanks to Sister Bernice and Brother Don for furnishing refreshments, and Sister Sheri Buschle for setting out the food. We honored Sister Cheryl and Bro. Leroy who have not only devoted their expertise as Secretary and Treasurer, but also to many other tasks that need to be accomplished around the Chapter. Congratulations to both of them. Sister Cheryl was presented with a Life Membership. It was a good evening! Thank you also, to everyone who participated in our caravan to the O. E. S. Home on January 25. I feel certain that everyone had a great time!

    We still have some car wash cards for sale. The $6.00 card entitles you to one free ($7.95 value) car wash at Wilder, Kentucky (A A Highway at I-275), and price thereafter. Total card value is over $50.00. All profits go to our Ways and Means Chairman. Sister Gladys. This is a good opportunity to get the winter grime off of your car, support your Chapter, and save some $$$, also!

    Our February 13 meeting will be a busy one. We will celebrate Valentine's Day and ballot on several petitions. We will also plan for our Spring Rummage Sale. We will be happy to pick-up anything of value that you wish to donate.

    At the March 12 meeting we will make final arrangements for our Friendship Day, which will be Sunday afternoon on March 28. Plan to attend and support your Chapter.

---Anna Lorenz, W.M.


Last Updated: 04/13/2004

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