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Master's Message
July, 2003


    The year is half over now, July is here and the lodge continues its reputation for its work. We have tentatively scheduled a Master Masons degree for July 12 at 7am to confer the degreeís on at least four brethren from Crittenden lodge. This is a continuing tribute to all of you who have so greatly given of your time and energy to make the Barnstormers a continuing success.

    The June 22nd Chicken and Dumpling Dinner was a great success and I want to thank each of you who attended and all of you who so graciously sent in donations and purchased tickets for those who are less fortunate. We are going to continue this same venue twice more this year, September and November. Thanks to Gladys Chandler and Dora Chapter for doing the cooking and also to all the brethren for helping to serve the dinner. Great fun by all along with some great Masonic tales!!

    Just to let you know that all the proceeds for these dinners are going toward fixing the ceiling and repainting the lodge hall. We hope to start the painting and repair late this month!

    Donít forget that the August 17th Lodge Picnic will be held at the Sargent Park. So mark it on your calendar and join us for our annual picnic.

    Donít forget our monthly breakfast on July 6th, 8am- 1pm!


"The ritualism of Masonry is truly a wonderful thing. Simple in its dignity and with no striving for dramatic effect, its power is so intense that, when even fairly rendered, levity is impossible and the initiate is consciously impressed with a serious grandeur. So distinctive is it in its character that ten consecutive words from it cannot be used in the press, on the rostrum or in conversation without practically every Mason recognizing them; so quaint in its context that its antiquity is instantly impressed on the hearer; so tuneful in its rhythm that it rivals the stately measure of poetry; so natural in its movements and so devoid of restraint that its force is felt at first subconsciously but the words often spoken always convey a new idea; and withal, so lofty in its principles and so true its precepts that it is not a wonder some men make Masonry their religion." (Louis H. Fead, P.G.M., Michigan).


Fraternally Thine,

Keith Dreier

Master, 2003




    Updated: 08/17/2003

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