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Master's Message
June, 2003


    Summer has finally arrived and as you all know we meet only once per month on the fourth Tuesday of June, July, August.

    The work does not stop though, we will be having our first of three Country Dinners starting on June 22nd from 1-7 pm. Tickets and information have been mailed to all of you, so please help support the lodge in making our lodge hall look wonderful. We need all of your help in making these dinners a success!

    This is an early reminder that our Lodge Picnic is going to be on August 17, the location has been changed due to complications. We will be informing everyone as soon as arrangements have been made.

    We will be doing a late spring cleaning in early June to get ready for the Country Dinners. I will be calling some of you to help us in cleaning the lodge hall.

    I hope to see all of you soon at our June meeting on the 24th. Come and support your lodge, it is what we all make it.

    Donít forget our monthly breakfast on June 1, 8am- 1pm!


Freemasonry has always been true to its name, and the real Mason is the builder of the temple of his own character. Its mission is to furnish high ideals for the individual, that may be reflected in his actions towards his fellow men. The Masonic ideal teaches that moral and spiritual attainments are far more important than the material and physical


Fraternally Thine,

Keith Dreier

Master, 2003




    Updated: 08/17/2003

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