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Master's Message
November, 2003


    The holidays are almost upon us and there is still much to do before the year ends. We have several things planned to close out the year with and I hope we can have everyone there.

    The Annual Past Masters and Awards Dinner is going to be held on November 8, starting at 4pm at the Lodge. Come out and support our Past Masters and brethren who have served the lodge for 25, 40, 50 years.

    I attended Grand Lodge on October 19-21. There were several things that occurred at Grand Lodge this year. One was a dues increase and the continued decline in our ranks. Kentucky is now down to 47,000 plus members from the high of over 100,000. Also, please congratulate Bro. Greg Powell on his election to Grand Junior Warden.

    We will again be having our Fruit of Labor Auction on Nov. 1 at 7pm. Bring any item that you wish that has been made to the lodge or contact Leroy Smith to make the necessary arrangements.

    Hope to see you all at lodge this month and come out to support your lodge.

    Donít forget our monthly breakfast on November 2, 8am- 1pm! Also, there will be a Country Dinner on November 23, 3-7pm.


We meet for the purpose of admitting members to our fellowship, to instruct them in the lessons and principles (of Masonry) and to strengthen each other in adherence thereto, said George W. Speth, in a public lecture in 1892. We meet to hand down to succeeding generations the knowledge and practice of certain ceremonies, which we have ourselves inherited from our Masonic ancestors, and the analogues of which can be traced in the remotest antiquity... Lastly we meet to practice our three grand principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.


Keith Dreier

Master, 2003




    Updated: 12/05/2003

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