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Temple Chapter, No. 172, R.A.M.
(Tom Wheeler, H.P.)
Meeting on the 4th Thursday of the month


    Congratulations to Temple Chapter and Companion Doug Bickel. Temple Chapter received the highest points (277) on the Chief Evaluators report and was presented the K.A.McGaughey Trophy. Companion Bickel was presented with the Meritorious Service Award. Companion Bickel was appointed Area VI Coordinator and Companion Robert Peelman was appointed Deputy Grand High Priest for Area VI A. The New Grand Chapter Officers of Ky. are: G.H.P. Gene Atkins, G.K. Richard Seekman, G.S. James Atwood, and Companion John Williams was elected G. C. of H.

    Remember our sick and shut-in's, Ben Chandler, Thomas Hughes, Seth French, William Buchard, Greg Wheeler, Gary Lee Raleigh, Tollie Hyatt. Give them a call!!

    Thomas George Baker has been elected to receive the Capitulary Degrees.

    Our stated meeting in Nov. has been moved to the second Monday, Nov.10, as was our Dec. meeting because of a conflict with the upcoming Holidays.



Last Updated: 12/05/2003

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