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Master's Message
October, 2003


    Fall has arrived and the year is quickly coming to a close! Our September Country Dinner was again a great success and a special thanks to Gladys Chandler and Cheryl Buschle for taking their time to get it all together to make it a wonderful afternoon.

    October brings Grand Lodge on October 20 & 21. I will be attending and representing our Lodge.

    We will again be having our Fruit of Labor Auction on Nov. 1. Bring any item that you wish that has been made to the lodge or contact Leroy Smith to make the necessary arrangements.

    Hope to see you all at lodge this month and come out to support your lodge.

    Donít forget our monthly breakfast on October 5, 8am- 1pm!



One of the hidden mysteries of ancient Freemasonry is that symbolism which teaches that character can be built or developed in only one way, and that is by doing good to others. It is hidden from those who are unworthy to receive it but it unveils itself to those who seek truth, ask for light, and knock at the door of their better nature.

"Man cannot assume a moral obligation; nor can anyone thrust a moral obligation upon him. With every acquisition of knowledge a moral obligation automatically attaches to him."


Keith Dreier

Master, 2003




    Updated: 11/16/2003

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